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Focus on Your Purpose

Running a startup is hard. When the going gets tough focus on your mission. Your mission is your purpose. It will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. Take time to remind yourself of what that is regularly instead of getting too caught up in the details. Continue reading

Patriotic Passion

America was built on innovation and competition. And what drives these emotions? PASSION! Workers who find their jobs interesting are more likely to be innovative and take risks that drive productivity and contribute to economic growth. These engaged workers are more likely to become mentors and share their knowledge with the next generation. However, fewer … Continue reading

Sights and Sounds Abound in Cedar Rapids, IA…

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was alive and well with sights and sounds over the Labor Day weekend.  Under bright blue sky and 70 degree temperatures the downtown district was the places to be.  At the downtown Farmers’ Market people and pets strolled shoulder to shoulder taking it all in.  Musical entertainment made from buckets and other odds and ends filled the air.  … Continue reading